Phil Naturnt Moist Charge Lotion 150Ml

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The chronic dry skin in which the signal silencer component repeats dryness is also prepared to make the skin full of moisture. Glycyrrhizic acid derivative reduces inflammation and smoothens dry and sensitive skin. Spreads moisture while relaxing as well as softening the skin of yours. Medicinal hydrating lotion that contains active component dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. Familiarity with a mellow texture as well as strong penetration in to the dry stratum corneum. Cares for rough and dry skin, resulting in transparent, soft and moist skin. Efficacy: It's useful for skin which. Fragrance free, color ink free, paraben free. How you can make use of: Use on clean skin after cleansing. Take aproximatelly 500 yen for palm or cotton and affect the skin like putting. For parts that are particularly wrinkled, use gently with the palm of yours. It's more effective in case they're stacked. Don't use whether it doesn't fit the skin of yours.

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