Premium Paint With Human Lactic Acid Bacteria 120G 2 Types

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Soap for washing into wrinkles with man lactic acid bacteria. Premium white-colored paint suggested for age epidermis. Since more than fifty % is made of vegetable oil. It's soaked in warm water to melt the surface and apply directly with the makeup to massage. With one face wash, makeup is removed and beauty materials are delivered at the same time for a moist wash. Uses materials recognized for beauty ingredients such as silk, neroli and pomegranate petroleum. Additionally, human being lactic acid bacteria are formulated for good bacteria on the skin. Keep moisturized and moisturized. How to use: In case you soak the detergent in the exterior and warm water melts just like raw chocolate. Put it on directly with the makeup skin. Wrap around the face of yours around the lymph of your experience. Oil rub in the same time as face cleansing. The power is cozy. Cleansing makeup with one face wash. Let's paint to thrust in to the nose.

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