Le Aro Facial Oil Chamomile 35Ml 35Ml

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Chamomile Facial Oil that forms a moisture barrier over skin exterior and effectively soothes sensitive skin with coziness Sophisticated blend of obviously derived Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Aroma Essential Oils with sweet Herb scent gives Aromatic care to relax the body of yours and mind Multi usable oil infused with ninety eight % organic formula offers gentle moisturization and customized combination with other products to offer intensive skin based on the skin quality of yours and seasons How to use: - Using it alone: After face cleansing, take a moderate quantity and apply to face by rubbing gently for heat then lightly pat for greater absorption. - Customized Mixing: Add 1 2 drops into other skin products and affect the entire experience in the last step of skincare routine.

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