Perfect Drawing Eyeliner (3 Types) #02 Multi Liner Black

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Eyeliner comes with three kinds of applicator so that you can produce various types of eyelines perfect for your eyes' shape effortlessly - #01 Easy Liner: Magic stick like round tip enables easy filling between lashes for sharp looking express - #02 Multi Liner: Highlighter like tip with 2 types of thickness allows drawing of thick line or fine tail in only 1 contact for nig eye express - #03 Pro Liner: Marker pen like elastic brush tip creates tiny, delicate eyelines for enhanced finish Powerful Smudge-Proof and Water/Oil-Proof formula that is strong at sweat and water & oil offers durable, neat express Tank type design allows economical usage till the last fall of content without drying out How to use: Apply along the lash line, beginning from the inner nook.

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