Puresa Facial Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid + Royal Jelly Extract 5 Sheets

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Hyaluronic Acid is the key component to combat dehydrated skin and hydration is the key to prevent of lines as well as facial lines. To us this mask instantly boosts the skin's ability to absorb, replenish and retain moisture inside the skin. After application, the skin feels more, re-hydrated, and softer energized. Key Ingredients include: Hyaluronic Acid - Good at helping the skin rejuvenate and retain moisture. Royal Jelly - Antibacterial properties as well as excellent recovery which helps to revitalize the skin cells. How to Use: After cleansing, place the mask over experience for aproximatelly 10 15 minutes and then remove it. Gently massage remaining heart into skin. One piece of mask is able to provide sufficient hydrating effect. Apply face cream or other moisturizing products if needed. Recommend using 1 2 times each week. Pack Size - five pcs

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