Pure Shea Butter Body Balm Extra Virgin 100G

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From infants to seniors, and also of mind to toe, this shea butter if ideal for everyone and every family. Shea butter is made by roasting kernel in the shea seed, and that is exactly why new and unpurified extra virgin shea butter smells roasty and sweet fragrance. You are able to really feel the high quality shea butter that there is nothing added and deducted to the production operation. Mother Earth highly recomends the shea butter series of theirs for individuals who used to use white colored shea butter and then did not feel nicely beacuse the butter was very sticky to the contact. Extra virgin shea butter attributes hydrating impact even though the texture of its is smooth and silky. Shea Butter's UV protection effect Shea butter is native to the African savanna zone. Shea butter has been used traditionally to protect the skin from extreme dryness and sun rays. The UV prevention effect of its is aproximatelly six - eight UV. It's perfect for keeping away for a lttle bit or preventing ultraviolet rays in daily life. Why Shea Butter is also good for your scalp and hair In addition to the face skin treatment of yours and body treatment, Mother Earth's shea butter exerts a great hydrating impact on your own hair and scalp. Due to its fast hydrating penetration energy, it keeps moisture of your respective dried hair and also prevent further damage by repairing hair. Shea butter has the effect of eliminating the dirt trapped inside of pores without blocking the root, and that makes it easy to produce good hair from the root. Shea Butter Dog Care Shea Butter is also used for baking in the country of origin, hence it's secure even in case your dogs lick it! You are able to use the butter for dogs in any ages, but especially Mother Earth suggests using for more mature dogs. Shiny hair, scalp quality, and paw pads are revived by using Shea Butter. Pack Size 100g

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