Lasting Jell Pencil Eyeliner 02 Brown

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Water-resistant overall performance. Type enchantment effect. twenty four hours waterproof, anti-smudge, tear, prevent unevenness. Sometimes keep the eyes of yours bright. High-density gel debris help make the eyeliner fuller, darker and more textured. The feel of the gel is sleek. The fine, smooth and soft eyeliner gel is simple to grasp, and it's usually ready to create a charming pair of eyes. The gelatinous feel is moderate and soft moderately. Gum feel could be quickly cut off using a general pencil sharpener. #01 Black: Thick black colored [Show character charm] #02 Brown: Natural unsightly [Learn charming eyeliner] How to use: Draw from the root of the upper eyelashes to fill up the gap in between the eyelashes. By the eye to the conclusion of the eye, reinforce the filling of the eyeliner. Pull out the conclusion of the eye according to individual needs. Intensify the lower eyeliner in the exact same method for immediate magnification, as well as finally fill the inner eyeliner.

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