Acnes Labo Lotion 150Ml 2 Types

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Effect and efficacy: Clean skin, prevent rough skin and pimples, prepare oily skin, hydrate and prevent skin healthy. Totally free from artificial fragrance artificial coloring paraben silicone mineral oil. A: A skin series that prepares the skin of adults who have a tendency to repeat troubles from the ground up with daily attention. Weakly sour medicinal lotions balance sebum as well as care for stressed skin and repetitive zits for a healthy lead. B: A skin series which provides pubertal epidermis with too much secretion of sebum, out of the ground up, with wholesome day care. A mildly sour medicated lotion that prevents oil moisturized while keeping excess sebum secreted while keeping oil balance. How to use: After washing face, use a suitable amount and use the palm of the hand of yours to gently massage the entire face of yours without applying excessive pressure.

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