Medicated Whitening Clear Milk 120Ml

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Tranexamic acid formulated whitening milky lotion born of research. Mixture of teeth whitening active component tranexamic acid. Block the stain info which makes melanin by the teeth whitening active component tranexamic acid. Approach to the root of stain and deter generation chain of melanin. Stratum corneum refinement ingredients formulation. Moisture in the stratum corneum evaporates, and the dry skin diffusely reflects the skin and the light appears dull and also appears. Used difficult skin layer refinement ingredient gives plenty of dampness to the skin to that dullness is concerned, aiming at the skin chock-full transparency from the interior. Hypoallergenic, absolutely no coloring, absolutely no fragrance. Efficacy effects: Skin which, that sexuality. Suppress melanin formation, prevent spots, freckles. Tighten up the skin of yours. Fresh skin. To prepare the skin. Keep skin healthy. Moisture is given by it to the skin. Protect the skin. Prevent drying out of the skin. How to use: After dressing up the skin of yours with product, etc. every day, take a suitable amount of synthetic. Draw a large group from the middle of the face towards the outside, let it fit. Estimated amount of use: ten yen coin (for whole face). This item is often used for aproximatelly sixty days using two times a day.

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